Would you like to upgrade your business's Internet with fiber optics?

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Many businesses already have fiber optics provided by ATT, COX, SPECTRUM or other providers. That's great. 

However, most IT departments build local networks with lots of CAT5/CAT6 cable and don't care about signal loss or energy consumption. 

Local networks cannot deliver Gigabit speeds when there is a connection between server racks or user outlets that exceeds 156 feet. If the distance is greater than 328 feet, you will lose signal or port speed will drop to 10Mbps.

 It is a common mistake when planning and building office facilities. In the field of technology, things aren't standing still and developing all the time. If you have an uplink of 1 Gigabit or more, why limit your local network to 100 Mbps? Get your local network ready for the next level of speed by upgrading to fiber. You have no limits with fiber: 1Gbit, 2, 4 or 10...A

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