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We're here to help you with Fiber optics Internet and local networks

Optinet is a team of professional network engineers with extensive experience in optic fiber installation and splicing.

As a fiber optics maintenance company, we provide high-quality services to both commercial and residential customers.

We can assist you if you need to upgrade your local network in your office, store, restaurant, commercial facility or home.

All labor is covered by a 1 year warranty, and our estimates are free of charge.

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Your existing Internet can be upgraded to fiber

Fiber optics Internet is becoming more widely available in San Diego and nearby cities every day. 

It is possible that your current provider will update his infrastructure over the next couple years, while his competitor already has a fiber in front of your building.

The purpose of our service is to save you time in communicating with Internet service providers and get you the most competitive quotes.

Your contract will be directly with the provider, so don't worry about it. Connecting you with another Internet service provider gets us commission, and if you need an upgrade to fiber, we do that as well.

We make business easier for everyone involved: our customers, ISPs, and our company.

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