San Diego Fiber Optics Experts

Maintenance of fiber optic networks 
Upgrade existing Internet to fiber optics 

We splice fiber with fusion splicers.  In comparison to crimping, it provides less signal loss.

Whether you need fiber optics installed for your home or business, we can help

The fiber optic cable is the best option for connecting buildings or floors if the distance is more than 300 feet.  As opposed to CAT5/CAT6 cables, fiber doesn't require you to install switches in the middle of the line. Compared to CAT5/CAT6, Fiber Costs the same or even Less Today. 

Is there a reason why you still use CAT5/CAT6? Let's turn them into fiber. 

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 Our team of experts will create the perfect customized Fiber solution for your home or business.

Miles of fiber installed
Satisfied business clients
Satisfied residential clients
Spliced fiber cores

Our mission

Provide professional and clear fiber related services to help you get the most out of your Internet.

Our values

We created our company to improve the work-life balance. We believe that offering our customers services for Internet upgrade makes their lives better.

Our team

We are a team of Ukrainians with 10 years experience in fiber optics installation in Europe. We’re a young and dynamic company.

Over 1000 customers have been satisfied with our services. 
Become a part of them and upgrade your Internet into fiber today.

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